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How we're getting ready for PHP7

PHP 7 is coming and it will change a lot of what you're used to in the older PHP versions. Here's some of the resources we're following to work to understand it and keep it secure from a development and from a hosting perspective.

Thank You For Our Independence

American Digital Services and it's staff would like to thank all the veterans for our Independence.

Simple rules to protect yourself from hackers

Hackers. It's a word that evokes fear in the mightiest and the tiniest of companies. Everyone is at risk. And everyone needs security that rivals Fort Knox, as well as crystal clear employee messaging... Read More

Online Growth Slowed by Lack of Trust

Today, more people have access to the Internet and spend more time online than ever before. Financial industry experts predict that online banking, and other accounts, will become the primary customer touch-point over the next decade. As Internet adoption continues to grow and Web browsing becomes more common on mobile devices, businesses have the opportunity to tap new markets with online sales and account-based services. However, reluctance to conduct transactions online remains due to concerns about protecting confidential information.

Joomla Users: Beware of joomlacheap!

Joomla users beware of bad extension sites !

Facebook tokens and Page updates from Drupal

As part of our new site release we needed to create a longer standing token that would allow us to post to our page from the website ( and we found that our intial efforts were giving us short term keys. We found via google search and combined with the normal steps we were able to make this work very nicely.
Here's our step

    We're excited about our new website

    American Digital Services Presents our new website!