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American Digital Services has selected, and applies, CCPA as one of the frameworks for our information systems, technologies, and security.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), enacted in 2018, creates new consumer rights relating to the access to, deletion of, and sharing of personal information that is collected by businesses. It also requires the Attorney General to solicit broad public participation and adopt regulations to further the CCPA’s purposes. The proposed regulations would establish procedures to facilitate consumers’ new rights under the CCPA and provide guidance to businesses on how to comply. The Attorney General cannot bring an enforcement action under the CCPA until July 1, 2020. 

The CCPA provides four key rights to California consumers:

  • The right to know what personal information is collected, used, shared, or sold, both as to the categories and specific pieces of personal information: Provided in our Privacy Policy.
  • The right to delete personal information held by businesses and by extension, a business’s service provider:  Provided in our Privacy Policy.
  • The right to opt-out of sale of personal information: American Digital Services does not sell personal information, but for specific functionality and requirements, we may share certain information Provided in our Privacy Policy.
  • The right to non-discrimination in terms of price or service when a consumer exercises a privacy right under CCPA:  Provided in our Privacy Policy