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Our hosting services provide a comprehensive set of features to ensure optimal performance, security, and functionality for your websites and applications:

  1. Spam Filter Management: Keep your inbox clean and free of unwanted emails with our effective spam filter management.
  2. Antivirus Management: Our robust antivirus management system protects your websites and applications from malware and viruses.
  3. Backup and Restoration: Securely store and restore your account data using remote storage to ensure the safety of your critical information.
  4. Git Website Management: Efficiently manage your website development projects using Git for version control and collaboration.
  5. WP Toolkit Security Management: Enhance the security of your WordPress sites with our comprehensive WP Toolkit security management.
  6. WP Toolkit Cloning Management: Easily create and manage clones of your WordPress sites for testing and development purposes.
  7. WP Toolkit Syncing Management: Synchronize your WordPress sites to keep them consistent and up-to-date.
  8. WP Toolkit Autoupdates Management: Automate updates for your WordPress sites to ensure they always run the latest version.
  9. WP Toolkit Smart PHP Update: Safely update PHP versions on your WordPress sites without breaking any functionality.
  10. Node.js Support Management: Manage and maintain your Node.js applications with our dedicated support.
  11. Node.js Version Management: Seamlessly switch between different Node.js versions as needed.
  12. Domains Management: Effortlessly manage and maintain your domain registrations and configurations.
  13. Subdomains Management: Easily create and manage subdomains for your websites.
  14. Password-Protected Directories Management: Secure specific areas of your website by creating password-protected directories.
  15. Additional FTP Accounts Management: Set up and manage multiple FTP accounts for accessing your hosting space.
  16. Ability to Change Mail Settings: Customize your mail settings to suit your needs.
  17. Mailing Lists Management: Manage mailing lists to communicate efficiently with your subscribers.
  18. Mail Autodiscover Management: Simplify email client setup with automatic configuration discovery.
  19. SSL/TLS Support: Secure your website traffic and user data with SSL/TLS encryption.
  20. Permanent SEO-safe 301 Redirect from HTTP to HTTPS: Ensure your website traffic is always directed to the secure HTTPS version without negatively impacting your SEO.
  21. Web Statistics: Gain valuable insights into your website's performance and visitor behavior with detailed web statistics.
  22. Custom Error Documents: Create custom error pages to provide helpful information to your visitors in case of errors.
  23. SSH Access: Manage your hosting environment securely with SSH access.
  24. CGI Support: Run CGI scripts for added functionality on your websites.
  25. Perl Support: Utilize the power of the Perl programming language in your web applications.
  26. Python Support: Develop and deploy web applications using the popular Python programming language.
  27. FastCGI Support: Improve the performance of your dynamic web applications with FastCGI support.
  28. SSI Support: Use Server Side Includes (SSI) to manage and maintain your website's content easily.

By choosing our hosting services, you can enjoy comprehensive features designed to help you maintain, secure, and optimize your websites and applications.