American Digital Services is recognized as a leader in maintaining secure and easy to maintain servers for our clients. We also offer services to help you manage your server the way or like the way we manage our servers. We work with you to secure and maintain your server(s) to the same standards we manage ours. Let us be your security team and help you keep everything up and running the way it should be 24/7/365.

Proactive Maintenance of your Server(s)

Starting from $1500/yr ($200 Setup Fee) your plan includes:

On call analysis of:

Errors, warnings, and informational alerts concerning: System and network security and intrusion detection.
SSH Window

Monthly analysis of

Errors, warnings, and informational alerts concerning:

Memory usage and Virtual memory utilization

Processor utilization and performance

Server Health Monitor Alerts

Daily review of

Weekly confirmation that Anti-Virus program(s) are updating on server(s)

Weekly Patches and Security updates

Every week we check your server has it's patches and updates applied

Reporting (live) on any problem resolution, status of hot fixes or patches applied.

Basic or detailed reporting for your in house staff to review

What you can expect:

Monthly reporting (or more often as needed) on any issues, including:

  • Event Log errors and warnings and why they are there
  • Any corrective actions taken
  • Any future concerns regarding the issues (if any)
  • Our plan or recommendation to resolve any issues
  • Initial Documentation on all configurations.

What this does for you:

We look for small errors and warning signs that allow us to address them before they turn into big problems that may cause outages, downtime, and loss of productivity and/or corruption of data.

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