Simple and Easy Email protection, 100% availability, and compliance management

Solve your email problems outside of your network to maintain high security, limit your vulnerability to phishing attacks, meet your compliance needs through archiving and encryption, and simply use your email without worry. Sign up for our no-contract, no-minimum, and easy to manage email filtering, security, and archiving. We believe that the cloud can be used to your advantage by speeding up your office network. How? By simply taking care of the network hogging spam attacks on the outside. We also make this service available to our hosted clients and use it ourselves.

Some simple advantages

  • Easy to start using, just a change to your MX records and firewall rules.
  • Fully web based administration for both management and end users.
  • Sync and Authenticate with your internal system over LDAP/Active Directory
  • Email Continuity kicks in if your office for any reason goes offline providing your users an extra webmail interface - giving your business the edge in continuance and responsiveness

CloudFilter (Mailprotector)

Powerful inbound/outbound filtering to effectively stop spam, viruses and content policy violations.

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