Our Content Management Services are designed to help you maintain the security of your site through keeping the core application up to date and likewise with the add on software updates and/or installation (modules, components, plug-ins, widgets, themes, etc...). We simplify the work of maintaining the security and make it easy for you to focus on your content. Should you need help with updating pages we also provide two hours of labor a month and the option of advanced work (code fixes/changes, special testing, etc...) on demand.

American Digital’s Managed CMS

Rates start at $1,575.00 yearly with a $50 Setup Fee

How you can use our Content Management Services

  • Have us keep your site code and add-ons up to date
  • In the event of an emergency we'll work to get your site back up from our backups
  • If you're having a hard time making a page work we help you fix it (up to two hours labor monthly included)
  • We'll help you get pages into a real responsive mode (part of the two hours above)

Included services for your managed site(s)

On demand support for pre-authorized domains and pre-authorized applications:

(Domains and applications will be listed on initial agreement or in an email provided by American Digital Services through our support system. Some add-ons require payment of additional fees and you will be given the option before being billed for any paid add-on is invoiced.)

  • Joomla support:
    • Installation and upgrades of Components, Modules, and Plug Ins
  • WordPress Support:
    • Installation and upgrades of Plug-ins, Widgets, and Themes
  • Drupal Support:
    • Installation and upgrades of Modules, Themes, and Core

On demand Content Maintenance up to two hours labor:

  • Existing and New pages
  • Add images and videos to site
  • Properly format and size images based on web guidelines

Reporting (live) on any problem resolution, status of hot fixes or patches applied

Deliverables you can expect:

Service Level Agreement specific to this agreement

  • Phone, email, and Support tickets will be started within 1 business day of the submission.
  • Expedited requests will incur a minimal fee of $50.00 if the work requires a rushed time line.

Monthly reporting (or more often as needed) on any issues, including:

  • Event Log errors and warnings and why they are there
  • Component, modules, and plug in security upgrades when needed.
  • Any corrective actions taken
  • Any future concerns regarding the issues (if any)
  • Our plan or recommendation to resolve any issues

Continual Documentation on all our work.

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